Emergency Orthodontic Care

Emergency Orthodontic Care

The idea of an orthodontic emergency may seem concerning, but we have good news: most “emergencies” are really just small issues that you can either correct at home or whip up a temporary fix until we can see you. To help you prepare for the road ahead, here is what you should know about emergency orthodontic care.

Traumatic Injury

Let’s start with the worst-case scenario: traumatic injury. This is incredibly rare, so you should not anticipate this happening. Still, you need to know what to do. If you experience a traumatic injury to the face, jaws, teeth, and appliance, head to the emergency room first, then call us. Treatment of traumatic injuries needs to be completed at the hospital, but we can address problems with the mouth and appliance after you get your emergency treatment.

Common Problems That Arise With Treatment

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s go over the minor issues that you are likely to experience while wearing braces.

  • Soreness : This includes soreness of the soft tissues of the mouth and sensitivity to biting pressure in the teeth. Both are normal. Just use salt-water rinses, dental wax, and over-the-counter pain relievers to cope. Soreness goes away within five days.
  • Broken Braces : If a piece breaks, determine if it is just loose or needs to come off. If loose, use dental wax to hold it in place. If it needs to come off, put it in a plastic bag. Then call us and we will see you to either fix the loose piece or put the missing piece back on.
  • Poking Wire : If a wire comes loose and is poking you, try to push it back into place using the clean eraser end of a pencil. If this does not work, clip it. In both cases, call us so we can see you to correct the issue.

Keep in mind that we are always here for you. If you encounter a problem, simply give us a call.

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