Invisalign is the alignment correction system that changed the world of orthodontics. Rather than relying on bulky metal pieces, it uses clear plastic aligners that are smooth, comfortable, and invisible. It has been in use for nearly two decades and has been proven safe and effective in both clinical trials and real-world practice.

Invisalign: The Key Facts

  • Invisalign is as good as traditional braces at correcting mild to moderate orthodontic problems.
  • It is designed using computer imaging of your dental anatomy, meaning every aligner is made just for you.
  • The shape of the aligner places force on the teeth, which moves them into place.
  • You make the adjustments yourself by changing aligners, so you come into the office less often.
  • You can remove them when eating and drinking, so your diet remains unchanged.
  • The aligners are worn for 22 hours a day.
  • Treatment is usually complete within 18 months.

If you are an adult interested in discreet orthodontic treatment, contact us about Invisalign. For adolescents, look into Invisalign Teen.

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