Life with Braces

Braces have the ability to change your life—both during treatment and after. While the after treatment results are all good news, life with braces does have some difficulties. These aren’t enough to make treatment not worth the hassle, but you do need to be prepared to make some changes.

Some Foods Are Off-Limits

Your braces are delicate, and eating the wrong foods can damage them. During treatment, you need to avoid these problematic items so your appliance can work as it should. Examples of foods you need to avoid are :

  • Chewy foods : bagels, hard rolls, licorice
  • Crunchy foods : popcorn, ice
  • Sticky foods : caramels, gum
  • Hard foods : nuts, hard pretzels
  • Sugary food : candy
  • Foods you have to bite into : corn on the cob, apples, carrots

You Need to Take Care of Your Appliance and Teeth

Once you have braces, you will have even more places for bacteria to build up and hide. Brushing and flossing after every meal is vital to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and preventing stains on the teeth. If you do not have time for both, brush after every meal and floss once a day. We will go over the correct way to brush and floss when your braces are placed. If ever you have doubts, watch a YouTube video and if you are still concerned, give us a call.

Discomfort Is Part of the Process

Braces can be unpleasant at times—we can admit that. However, you will adjust quickly and soon they will be something you rarely think about. Once of the things you will adjust to is the discomfort they cause. When first placed, your teeth are sensitive to biting pressure for about three to five days, and this returns for a few hours after each adjustment. The soft tissues of the mouth can also be irritated by the metal items in braces. For both problems, use salt-water rinses. For the irritation, cover the parts of your braces that bother you with dental wax until your mouth adjusts.

Other Concerns

Your teeth will feel loose. Do not worry: they will not fall out. They must become loose to move.

Your speech may be impacted for a little bit, until you adjust to your braces.

The same goes for singing and playing instruments. Just give it time, and all will be well.

If you play sports, you will need a special mouthguard. Let us know and we will make it for you.

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