Office Visits

Office Visits

Your first visit to our office is incredibly important. It is meant to help you get a feel for the way we work, find out what treatment is needed, and determine if we are the right practice for you or your child. Since we want this to be a low pressure visit, the examination is free of charge.

By the end of the initial appointment, it will be clear if treatment is needed or not, and when it should begin. If it should begin soon, the visit will end with the scheduling of the record appointment. In some cases, this can take place directly after the examination.

Records Appointment

Planning out treatment requires numerous diagnostics and records. These include a medical and dental history, the clinical examination, photos of the face, x-rays, models, and digital scans. Our team uses these records to come up with a treatment plan that gets the best results in the least amount of time. We also use them to determine how well treatment is progressing at each visit throughout your time with our office.

Placing the Appliance

With the majority of appliances we offer, there is some customization involved. As such, we need to order pieces specifically for the patient. Placing the appliance usually occurs anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after the records appointment. Depending on the appliance used, this can take about one hour.

Standard Appointments

With the appliance in place, follow up appointments will be pretty quick. Most will take about 30 minutes. How often these appointments are needed will depend on the appliance used. Most are either every four weeks or every eight weeks.

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