TADs, or temporary anchorage devices, are mini screws that are anchored into the jaw bone to create the desired tooth movement. They hook to braces to hasten space closure midline correction, bite closure, and other issues. We can use TADs in addition to elastics or as a replacement for them.

Cleaning TADs

Cleaning TADs is simple. When you brush your teeth, you also brush the TAD and the area around it. Be gentle but thorough; the soft tissues surrounding the TAD are more prone to inflammation than in the rest of the mouth. Floss around them as well.

Life With TADs

Ultimately, TADs are less hassle than braces, so having them will not have a big impact on your lifestyle. You just carry on as usual and let them do their thing. TADs are removed when they are no longer needed, which can occur before braces are removed or at the same time. Healing is quick, usually just a few days.

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