Getting Started

First Visit

Your first visit to our office is incredibly important. It is meant to help you get a feel for the way we work, find out what treatment is needed, and determine if we are the right practice for you or your child. Since we want this to be a low pressure visit, the examination is free of charge.

By the end of the initial appointment, it will be clear if treatment is needed or not, and when it should begin. If it should begin soon, the visit will end with the scheduling of the record appointment. In some cases, this can take place directly after the examination.

Financial Information

For many of our patients, the cost of orthodontic treatment is the biggest concern they voice at their initial appointment. This is understandable as many insurance plans cover little orthodontic care. However, our practice works hard to make treatment accessible.
Our billing department is familiar with all major insurance providers and knows how to maximize your benefits. They will work directly with your provider to get them to cover as much of your treatment as possible.
Affordable Payment Plans
If you cannot afford to pay your portion of treatment up front, we can offer you a payment plan. We are able to structure these plans to best work for you.
Credit Cards
If you do not have access to the money for treatment right now, you can pay with a credit card. We accept most major credit cards.
CareCredit is a third-party financer who can help make treatment more accessible. You can finance the entire cost of treatment and pay for it in low monthly installments.
If you have any questions about the financial aspect of treatment, just give us a call.


I am very pleased with the results at Owosso Orthodontics. I have two daughters that both had to have braces. The doctor and staff at Owosso Orthodontics were professional and very friendly. Everyone made sure we understood what was going on at each appointment. The doctor was always willing the answer any questions and explain any changes to the plan of care. The billing and payment plans were detailed and explained thoroughly. They worked out a payment that worked for my family, and I was able to use my Medical FSA fund through my employer to make my payments. This helped make the process a little easier. The office staff are friendly and making appointments was easy and convenient. My daughters’ teeth look amazing and I am very happy that we went to Owosso Orthodontics.

Shannon M. Sadilek, CPC
Coding and Billing Director
Michigan Vascular Center
My daughter is always excited to go see Dr. Zang-Bodis! She loves the staff and always has a great experience when she’s there. As a parent this is a wonderful feeling knowing that your child is getting great results and that they enjoy it at the same time.

Nicole Braun
Dr. Zang-Bodis and his staff have been an absolute pleasure to work with. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoy our time at the office primarily due to their smiling faces and positive attitudes. It was a pleasant surprise the first time my daughter told me she was excited to see the orthodontist! I've also been very pleased with how accommodating they were when I had a scheduling conflict on my end - Jennifer graciously worked with me to find a different date & time for the appointment. Thank you Dr. Zang-Bodis and staff for a wonderful experience!

Wesley Braun
Correcting my teeth was one of the best decisions, the end result was better than I ever expected it would be! My teeth have always been over crowded and as an adult they were getting worse and I decided it was time to fix my smile.
Dr. Zang-bodis listened to the concerns I had with my teeth and what I was hoping to achieve through orthodontic treatment.
From the initial consultation and throughout the whole process he was very open and honest about what needed to be done to correct my teeth. He kept me informed and involved, always wanting to know my thoughts on the progress of the treatment and answering any questions. I also liked how he would mention the goal of the following visits, this seemed to helped the process fly by, especially when that goal was achieved. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The girls always made me feel comfortable and relaxed at every visit.

Lacey Ziola

Why an Orthodontist?

It is important that the treatment be appropriate and properly completed.

All orthodontists are dentists however only 6% of dentists are orthodontists. Orthodontists attend an additional two to three years of a residency after dental school to specialize in how the teeth function, how they are aligned, how they are positioned in the jaws, and the positioning and sizes of both upper and lower jaws.


We value your time and make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule everyday.

Our schedule is arranged to try to better serve you.

Longer appointments, particularly the placement of braces or delivery of orthodontic appliances, are usually scheduled during the morning hours.

After-school appointments are the most sought after. We attempt to treat all of our patients equally and try to provide many of the routine adjust appointments and retainer checks during after-school hours.

On some occasions, however, there will be a need to miss some school in order to keep your orthodontic treatment on schedule.

Appointment Request

Complete the forms in advance, save time at our office.